Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CAG Circus next stop Kuala Lumpur

CAG Circus 
Sabah's CAG (Cracko Arts Group) was formed over 2 years ago, comprising artists from various backgrounds, with the same burning passion for art. 
CAG has always been active in bringing Sabah's art movement to the world. This is the CAG Circus 2nd stop after ChinaHouse Penang exhibition in November 2012. 
It is part of CAG's move to showcase the various genre of Sabah's mixed arts today. 
Aptly themed "Circus", this exhibition portrays Sabah's very special inclusiveness; at times seen by non-Sabahans to be surreal, voicing out the differences, 
but at the same time display unity in a multi-racial/ethnic and social environment. 
Here in Sabah one can find a Chinese eating in a Malay restaurant, and vice versa, without being frowned upon. Worship places of different religions can be seen being built almost side by side without any conflict. Such cohesive diversity has projected to outsiders a weirdly impression of a large community of 'circus' inhabitants.
So come in, be a part of the seemingly motley crew of 'circus' freaks. Set aside our perceptions, put on your merry hats, and share in our great journey of self discovery, respect and acceptance of the differences around us.
Welcome to the “CAG Circus” show!

will tell more on what happen after the opening on the 13th of Jan...
it's this sunday... if you happen to be in KL at 3pm..
do drop by.. 

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