Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art Jam at the CAG Asylum Picasso "weeping woman"

Art Jam... is a session we hope to do more at the new mini gallery/studio "CAG Asylum".. for the 1st art jam we print out Picasso (femme en pleurs).. split it to 8 section.. and let 8 people choose their own reference randomly.. after obtaining the b/w reference each will try to do a replica of the reference with their own style of coloring and with whatever color they choose... so here's the pics.. enjoy..

aks kwan
teo ZK

YK Kung aka Ahdeedas

alex chin
april T

and they all happy when it's done

and soon after that Taco Joe drop by and watch Pretty Sweet

stay tune... more stuff coming...
thanks for the support

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