Friday, February 1, 2013

Hong Yi (RED) at the CAG Asylum

Do you know who's the lovely lady in the middle of the pic below?
her name is Hong Yi. She's an artist/architect and she do portrait of famous people and other stuffs in huge scale without using paintbrush. Check out her works, they are amazing.. 
from what we can see is that her works process is what makes her works amazing.
 it's not easy to simple came out with an idea and execute it in.     

Last month she had her art project happening here in KK and while she was here,
it was an honor for us that she dropped by the CAG Asylum to see the place, chat a while while drinking at Santola Bar Cafe, tour the coffee factory and exchange ideas. 
Hopefully will get to do some sort of collaboration within this year. Her schedule are packed.
this is a very weird moment for us... hahaha
Thanks a million Dinoza..  

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