Friday, February 1, 2013

CAG Circus #2 "Kuala Lumpur"

January 2013
After an amazing show on november 2012 at ChinaHouse Gallery in Penang, the "CAG Circus" travel to next destination which is the capital city of Malaysia.. yes, Kuala Lumpur

Mr Ben Oh.. we are so lucky to have him installed all the paintings for this show

Adeputra Masri and son helped us stretched our canvas 

the ticket "booklet"

left "hot dinner" right "a giant meat standing on the egg" - kwan

wayang orang (circo politico) - ashly nandong

1st piece sold on the opening "the shy ringmistress" - anddy romeo dulait

clown/welcome to the show - cracko

joker on board 1,2,3,4 - aye axe

top "our elected gods", middle "this just in", below "closed casket" - egn 

the blind knife thrower - anddy romeo dulait

left "weird show, Lola the long neck" - nofie, right "the golden home" - cracko

modern illusionist - april tsen

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clown on cutting board

Andrew T crum got his ticket

We would like to thank.. the owner of ArtemisArt Gallery Mr Jamal & UC..  and the two beautiful lady Clare and JoJie...
thanks you for everything

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