Sunday, February 15, 2015

Japan Foundation Project pt1

Last year Egn was selected to enter a curator training in Japan..
it's a Japan Foundation project
check out the project run and learn 2015

egn title for his exhibition is BeingMaphilindo..

It was an honor for us to have Kato Tsubasa as one of the artist involved in this exhibition.
He stayed at the Asylum from day 5th Jan till 9th Feb.
His videographer Tarou came on the 22Jan till 5th Feb
and his wife/manager Yukari join for the setting up from 29th Jan-1st Feb

At first we were sceptical when he showed us his previous project. But as the day passes, we gain more knowledge in his works and he gave us a new perspective on performance and installation art. Oh yes, he share his knowledge and experience.. 
Anddy was the one that look after him for most of the time.

Tsubasa and Anddy 

arrival of the woods..
lotsa woods.... heheeh
a big thanks to Bryan and Rozaini for helping us during the process of building this installation

the foundation looks good

We have too much pictures.. so if yo wanna check it out.. 
you can go here The Story Behind - pics by srap

SO, during two weeks plus 
their working time for setting everything is from 7.30am-6pm.. 
Since Egn has his day job.. to avoid traffic, he'll be at the studio at 5am and he take a nap before going to work at 8am.. so before 7am, Mark "Egn (brother in law) will reach KK to get Egn car to drive Tsubasa and Anddy to the Art gallery to do the installation structure. 
And until the day of the exhibition, the longest time that Egn had for his sleeping time is about 2hours a day.. and in between, he nap anytime he get the chance.. that's how crazy his time table is.
But all in all.. learning on what and how to be a curator.. Egn said, it's worth it.

Things that happen in between.... and other stuffs

1st question that we ask each of them on their 1st night at the Asylum. Do you know GABAN?
they answered, NO!.. what is it?

Apparently those who born after 1985 in Japan don't know who this hero is.. hahah

for the entire project Kato Tsubasa was nicknamed Captain Tsubasa 

battle of the minions... who get to be the best friend.. hahaha

Srap and Tsubasa became good friends

the sleeping space at the Asylum.. 
and on the 3rd day while lying on his mattress 
Tsubasa said to Anddy.. "Strange.., feel like home".

FYI.. since now y'all know that there's mattress at the Asylum. 
No..we not running an artist residency program here.. well not at the moment... not yet..
maybe soon.. let us figure what can we do on our side.. and hopefully one day we can do that.

During the setup process, the community that lived there helped with the setting up of the structure. 
Ragasa "the community head" middle.. he helped in any way he can.

the structure

Tsubasa being cute

Ragasa.. the man who helped a lot for this project.
Here.. he is hammering a concrete nail to a piece of wood 
so the structure won't skid while the pulling process tomorrow.  

Tsubasa said, he never see anything like this in Japan.. 
which is a very cool experience for him at that moment

Tsubasa want to try

Tarou also tried

Jimmi.. the guy that run around and chased by Cracko 

Yukari having fun

setting up the rope

 Anddy above and Ragasa posing for fun

 Tarou gonna bring this structure back to Japan

click to see the very short clip of the pullandraise  on the actual day.

well i think that's all for now.. 

other videos of pullandraise by Kato Tsubasa

to be continue
part 2.. the exhibition.. 
gimme some time ya..  been busy all week. 

thanks for dropping by

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