Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New CAG Asylum

Sorry for being away for a very long time..

Let us start with..

Yes we lost our art space early last year 2014

we received a lot of sad comment from the public..
and there even some who stop doing art because they thought that the CAG stopped doing it..
we're not sure how to take it... is it a good compliment or a bad one.. but one thing for sure..
they said the CAG inspired them in doing art.. so now they took the "creative" path again..
here's a word to y'all who got inspired by us.. "do art because you want to. Don't do it because of the money, fame or anyone". Even if the person who inspire you "died".. move on.. the world need art to make everything interesting...

So... enough about that.. Let's make a new start this year 2015
we found a new space for us to do what we do..
it's in the middle of KK city.. at the famous Gaya Street to be exact.

look for this sign
3rd floor, above the Affin bank..

here's our small library.. no taking books away but you can read it there..
most of the stuffs are for reference purpose only.. more books are coming in..  

We still in the process of arranging the schedule for what will happen here.. but here's what we have at the moment.. 

- Artist talk by Yee I-Lann on the 13th feb 2015 yeeilann
- Penahitam from Indonesia exhibition on the May 2015
- Blues night (TBA)
- Film Screening (TBA)

ok.. think that's all for now... go to our fb page and wait for the info and such.. https://www.facebook.com/crackoart

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